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This quiz consists of ten questions and is timed. You will have 15 minutes to compete the quiz.

CCPA Learning Questions

Test the knowledge of the CCPA you've gained by following the CCPA Free Training program and receive a training certificate. The quiz consists of ten questions. There is no minimum score required to receive a certificate, and the certificate will include your score. Take the quiz as many times as you would like in order to solidify your learning and to achieve a higher score.

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How many designated methods for submitting CCPA rights requests must a business make available to consumers.

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A consumer makes a request to delete personal information. How should you respond? (Check all that apply.)

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Please enter the first training certificate code word below in all lower case that appeared in the upper-right hand corner of the training video.

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For how long should you maintain CCPA compliance records about a given consumer request?

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True or false: the CCPA permits businesses to incentivize consumers who share additional data.

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If you receive a request to opt-out of sales, how soon must you fulfill the request?

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If you can't verify the identity of a consumer making a right to know request, what should you do?

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Have you read your company's privacy policy?

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If a consumer makes a right to know request, how should you verify their identity?

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A consumer makes a request for personal information pertaining to their household. Which of the following are true? Check all that apply.

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